Tenderloin (Filet)

Tenderloin (Filet)

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7 to 9 oz each!

Beef tenderloin is widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef. It makes up the other half of the T-Bone or Porterhouse steak and because of where it is situated on the cow, the muscle gets virtually no work. The result is a lean, but very tender piece of meat.

These steaks do well with a quick stove-top sear before getting finished in the oven.

Best practices are to cook from room temperature and to let the steak rest for a few minutes after you remove it from heat, to allow the cooking to complete and the meat to relax.

Pro Tip: get an instant read digital thermometer, so you know when to remove it form the heat source, also remember that there will be a little bit of thermal cooking once the meat has been removed from the heat.